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"The spectral wake of a phantom's shadow...inverted and reversed."


released October 18, 2015

Artwork- Zdzisław Beksiński
Written and Recorded by J.L. -2015



all rights reserved


Skullreader Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Unfurling Confusion
the frantic lamentation
of a murderous architect
imprisoned by earthly bonds
blood-soaked generations
emerging from out of dark
crawling against the light

awakened by blinding shadow
cast into mortal toil
accursed by the will of the ancients
the seeds of desolation
and the wrath of a thousand ghosts

circling death
the negation of the angels
scorned by a vengeful god

the wake of an unseen presence
manifested by the cruelest incarnations

the eyes abacinated
by a hideous revelation

the resonance of profane scripture
the chanting voice of the void
entrancing sea of hatred
turning the well of souls

witness his majesty
the circle of vast confusion

throbbing with grief
the disgust of our father
transmuted into wrath
in the form of earthly fire

the looming eternity
a fate worse than death
the parallax view
enchained in human form

unknown to mortal man
the threefold origin
ensorcelling the skull

the grave and the tomb
created in the womb
an endless living torture

the skein of frozen souls
rendered into light
to suffer the glory of his kingdom

the nightmare is alive
Track Name: Decenterment
the will of an insect
with the pride of a god
toiling in obscurity

the face of innocence
with the heart of a worm
writhing through eternity

required formations
from the origins of existence
emanations from the void
piercing the veil of time

the work of a thousand fallen
to befoul the light and time

the timeless living tomb

weakened hands reveal
the truth of a secret sun
concealed by eternal darkness

crawling across the desert
to a silent and false mirage
leprous and dying of thirst

the pride of dirt

enduring the humility
of a servile existence
in fear of a vengeful god
that can only destroy itself

the design from the other side
and the laws of the blood shrine
dictating the will of all
the neural lights shine
in a frantic realization
impaled by prophecy

messages from the hive
in a blind interpretation
shifting in the earth and dark
tunneling through violet chaos

propelled by moon and tide
the parallax interpretation
impaled by prophecy

the spirit is a bone
formulations of a failing design
a regressive ideology
the impulse of the nether-realm

an unsightly malformed construct
gnawing at its own eyes
the symbol for all eternity
the will of an insane mind
player of crooked darkness

the timeless living tomb
crawling across eternity
the skull arranged and destroyed before me

entranced by a dismal moan
of an unknown apparition
in remembrance of our soul

impaled by prophecy
Track Name: Opaque Parallax
the grief of an entity
tormented by conviction
a negation of design

the chains of yearning
constricted with every breath

in the brume of a fearful confusion
a glimpse of ethereal torture

a prolonged anticipation
shattered by ghosts of old

"We are the courage of every death
coiled between the realms
shadowed beyond your time"

with a morbid dialect an abyssic vision

"I am the father of all form"
the whispers of the throngs returned to ash

returned from a death
delivered into light
through the jaws of a ancient God
to the throne of nothingness

the doom of his creation

revealed behind the veil
ingested by the tide

thriving malignancy
reborn in His darkness
a shadowed conspiracy
from the enclave of the self

beguiled by the mind
the glorious revolution
the wrath of a God

suspended animation
equilibrium defiled
monotonous architecture
from the shadows of his light

every witness shall believe
and behold his majesty

behold the might of a god
that releases your mortal soul

the will of Lucifer
Track Name: The Final Metaphor
the strangest proclamations
of a will that is not my own
from the voice of another being
through halls of infinity
to the corners of Aeon's curse

the twisting path of servitude
a sickening devotion
to a poisonous idea
the desire of a mortal
in the throes of impermanence

in the ashes of those you loved
you will be taunted in disgrace
the torment of a mind
deprived of a worthy character

obsessed with his pride
paralyzed by fear
in a nightmare of his own making

this is the seed you shall reap

frenetic copulation
residing inside the mind

this force cannot be exercised
it is the essence of you existence

the frightening howl
of the tolling death knell
the doom is wrought
at the tyrant's shrine
awaiting inside the tomb

rotating in darkness
the coil of all souls
and the hatred of impurity

suffer the wound of pride
the author of your hell
the tyrant's curse

the light behind my eyes
inverted and consumed

beholding the crystalline shadow
decayed by the light

the darting eyes bewildered
by the final metaphor
that rips the spirit apart

the body reconstructed by the hands of old bone
reconfigured in His darkness
created by the night
to be banished to the light
in the throes of impermanence
Track Name: Endeavor the Living Shell
rotating madness
revolving the shrine of night

unearthly cantations
in the throes of mortality

the spectral wake
of a phantom's shadow
inverted and reversed

rendering luminal forms
from the chamber of outer dark
to endeavor a living shell

the perils of his creation

falling from the light
a construct of flesh and suffering
drawn to disease
entranced by chromatic black

defining impermanence
lectured by divine

the architect of angels
designer of our demise
and the bringer of untold legend

bound by veil of silence
the oath revealed

divine encapsulation
imprisoned by flesh and mind
the perils of his creation

the scorn of a vengeful presence

possessing the will of ancients
the origin revealed
the ensorcelled gates of heaven
reveal his unholy might

this silent malignancy
piercing the heart of man
corrupting eternity

the human shape defiled
his curse fulfilled
stalking the obscure plane of his work endeavor a living shell

the hatred of impurity
that fuels the will divine
and renders its own demise

the remainder of his shadow form
a raging curse across the land
the horizon of his light defiled

the prayer of a dying light
in a world without end
a torturous eternity

chamber of lost remembrance
the dwelling of a ghost
disfigured and confused

the human shape defiled
ingesting the wound of suffering

stalking the obscure plane of his work
the peril of his creation

rendering luminal forms
in the throes of outer dark

the winding of souls to his will
in a fury of ancient wrath
creator of unending suffering
and savior of the sick

the architect of angels
designer of our demise
the bringer of untold legend
in the gleam of a tyrant's eyes